Public Notices

About Public Notices has been jointly created by Carrel & Associates and SiteSuite Website Design Pty Ltd.

Carrel & Associates has enjoyed a long association with the Australian not-for-profit sector through the activities of the successful and ongoing, an online resource that has for many years operated as a showcase for Australian fundraising raffles, and SiteSuite is one of Australia's most innovative and successful Web Design and App Development companies. Together, through, we wish to provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to the practice of advertising public notices in the printed versions of newspapers.

Publishing your public notice announcements on does not involve cutting down trees or creating the environmental damage associated with paper manufacture. You will remove the need for your public to buy the newspapers they will only discard the next day.

Public notices lodged on will stay on our website for 12 months from date of lodgement. This overcomes the frustration experienced by so many who miss buying the newspaper on a particular day. is easy to use. It does not involve searching through numerous columns of fine print in the Classified Advertisements sections of newspapers. It is convenient for advertisers and a free resource for the public.