Public Notices

How to Advertise on this site

To place an advertisement on first decide whether it relates to -

a. Raffles, Lotteries and Art Unions.

b. Competitions (free or otherwise).

c. Community Notices (community events, fundraisers, sports and performance events, etc).


On this page you can publish the results of your raffle, lottery or art union and also, if you wish, inform the public of your next raffle, lottery or art union. You can email the results to and if you wish to advertise your next raffle, lottery or art union you can also attach a banner and some descriptive text. The banner can be static or animated, with dimensions of no larger than 750 x 200 and ideally no larger than 1 MB in size. Please advise details of the link you wish to be inserted in the banner. If your results contain more than 12 prize winning numbers, please forward them as an attachment.

In order that your supporters know they can find your results on it is best that you make that fact clear on your website, social media platform, or whichever advertising method you use. We know that many charities are reluctant to abandon the use of newspapers altogether, either because they need to consider that dwindling number of customers that do not use computers, etc, or because they remain under the impression that gaming regulations in some states still require them to use newspapers. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL STATES NOW PERMIT RESULTS TO BE PUBLISHED ON THE INTERNET.

If you still want to use newspapers, that's fine. You can simply add as an additional method for your supporters to locate the results. And remember, as part of the package, you also get the opportunity to advertise your next raffle, lottery or art union


This page is to announce the results of competitions and for the advertising of new competitions. You may be a travel company, retailer, financial institution or one of the many other organisations conducting competitions across Australia. There are literally thousands of competitions taking place on any given day. The same processes apply to advertising on the Competitions page as those described above for Raffles, Lotteries & Art Unions.


This page is free for not-for-profit organisations such as schools, church fetes, and service clubs, etc. You can announce details of your event and later, if you wish, the results/outcome of the event. In particular we wish to encourage all those organisations whose goal it is to fight against government indifference or inaction on climate change and environmental degradation.


To advertise on our Raffles, Lotteries & Art Union page, and our Competitions page, the cost is just $100 per annum*, or $200 if you also wish to include a banner to advertise your next raffle, lottery or art union, or competition. For this price, you can publish one announcement per month.

Please contact for payment method options.

Within 24 hours of receipt of your payment your public notice announcement will appear on reserves the right to reject any advertising that it deems unsuitable in content or offensive to the public. That being the case your payment will be refunded.

* Fees subject to annual review.